Webjam is “compared to an elegant blend of social networking, blogging, and personalized homepages”. Huh? This is the kind of service that needs a screencast demo. Webjam did something great with their demo. They put it on the front page. It’s the first thing I saw when I went to their site. I figured I’d be able to sit back, sip on my cup o’ tea, and learn all about their service. So I pressed play and then was a little dissapointed that I had to quickly sit up and put my glasses back on. No audio. The thing that confused me was that there was text on the bottom of the screen describing how to use the site, but they were also typing and moving the mouse around at the top of the screen which I was also trying to watch. It was just to much information for my little brain to take. The nice thing is that they wanted to explain how to use their service in less than two minutes, but that’s not all that helpful when you have to watch that two minute demo five times. They also have a ton of features that are likely to get skipped over in such a short demo.

Webjam Demo

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