Icebrrg or WuFoo?


Icebrrg and WuFoo are both tools that help you make forms and surveys. They’re very similar and someone even commented on Screeniac about how icebrrg is a WuFoo ripoff. Well, it may be a ripoff, but they have a demo showing how to use their service and WuFoo doesn’t. So there.

Icebrrg Demo

Here are the demos I did for both Icebrrg and WuFoo

3 Responses to “Icebrrg or WuFoo?”

  1. Thats funny, I remember wufoo when they came out they had an interactive demo, but they removed it.. interesting move.

    Either way, they are both great products rip-off or not.


  2. 2 J

    I think you’ve failed to realize that icebrrg is wufoo. Elementfusion, the parent company of Icebrrg purchased a license to rebrand it. Elemenfusion doesn’t make anything, they just buy it pre-made and resell it.

  3. That is not true. Icebrrg did not purchase a license for Wufoo.

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