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AllPeers, a service that allows you to “share the web” with friends and family, snagged my boyfriend as a user today. Normally when I talk about some service that I think he’d like he yawns. It just so happens that this morning when I was watching their demo video he was standing right behind me […]

Fliptrack, a service that “makes it easy for you to create music videos by combining your photos with their library of popular music”, has a quick and informative demo on their homepage. Am I blind as a bat or was it really hard to see anything other than the text bubbles? fliptrack Demo

I don’t know if this really counts as a demo video but this guy, Andy Gutmans, does a pretty good job explaining what web 2.0 is.  So, if all your friends are talking about blogging, or mash-ups, or Ajax and you’re to embarrassed to ask them what language their speaking, check out this video. Web […]

Digg, the ever so popular “user driven social content website”, has released some pretty cool features today.  Check out the video overview for a demo of the new features.  Kevin Rose does a great job quickly explaining what you can now do with Digg. Digg Demo

“Veotag is an exciting new service that lets you display clickable text, called ‘veotags’ within an audio or video file”.  They have great sample videos of the end result but nothing showing how to use their service.  It’s still nice to get a feel of what veotag can do though.  You have to click on […]

TonicPoint is a tool to help you create, edit, present, and store your presentations online.  There is a demo showing you how to use the TonicPoint editor, but isn’t there a lot more to TonicPoint then that? TonicPoint Demo

I was wandering around a craft store one day and came upon the “scrapbooking” section. I could not believe how many people filled the isles picking out stickers and fancy paper to make their scrapbooks. ” With Scrapblog, you can easily create stunning multimedia scrapbooks featuring your photos, videos, audio, and a bunch of creative […]