SynapseLife and their funky demos


I just received an email from Mark Michael of SynapseLife. It was a little strange, as it was a reply to an email I had sent in the beginning of October and my question had already been answered. Anyway, the email only contained a link to their front page letting me know they had screencast demos up. OK, great. I’m glad that you put some time into showing people how to use your service. The biggest problem I had was that I couldn’t watch them with the speakers on as all five demos have the same “groovy” music playing. If I didn’t already know what SynapseLife was, those screencasts wouldn’t do it for me. Below are the five screencast demos for SynapseLife followed by one that I made months ago on Screeniac. (Just so ya know guys, I’m not saying my screencast was all that great. People have very different tastes in music, so it’s hard to please everyone.)

SynapseLife Demos

Screeniac SynapseLife Demo

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