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Yahoo! Pipes lets you create customized RSS Feeds for just about anything. You can create a pipe to find photos of chihuahuas wearing sombreros or to find a website that doesn’t contain the words “MyBlogLog”. Use your imagination. Here’s a screencast demo that explains the basics of Yahoo! Pipes. Yahoo! Pipes Demo

Clipmarks is a browser add-on that lets you grab pieces of text, images, and video from web pages. You can email your clips, send them to your blog, or just save them. Here’s a quick screencast demo of Clipmarks. Clipmarks Demo

Whonu is a search tool that gives you results from multiple search engines. Along with the search, there are also tools you can use to find things you may not have otherwise discovered. Here are 8 screencast demos showing you how to get the most out of Whonu. Whonu Demos

Graffiti is a new service from vidavee. It allows you to deface your favorite, or not so favorite, video by dragging and dropping various effects anywhere you feel they’re needed. Here’s a video demo where vidavee’s spokeswoman? explains how to use Graffiti. Graffiti Demo

Community Server allows you to easily build online communities, even if you’re not a computer geek. If you have a great idea that you think will squash MySpace, you can download community server for free. They also have a commercial edition for larger companies. Here’s a series of video demos to help you along the […]

TWERQ, claiming they are now in Turbo Charged BetaRC3, is a search tool that provides you with tabbed results. Some features include page place holding, drag and drop tab sorting, tabbed RSS Feeds, and a screencast with music that makes me feel like I should be watching Top Gun. TWERQ Demo

NoteScraps is an application for Windows Vista and Windows XP. It gives you a place to create and store all the little notes and reminders that can create quite a bit of clutter on your desk.  It does seem really easy to use but there are so many web based applications out there that do […]

MojoPages is a mixture of online yellow pages, reviews, and a splash of social networking. It almost reminds me of Judy’s Book, which I used to use all the time, if Judy’s Book was on steroids. Here’s a screencast introduction to MojoPages. MojoPages Demo

StikiPad is a hosted wiki provider that helps you make task lists, plan events, write your next novel, pretty much whatever your heart desires. They have a couple of screencasts to help you get started in the StikiPad Theatre. StikiPad Demos

What does this mean? Well, quite simply you can chat with anyone in your contacts who is also online. Here’s a screencast showing you what to look for the next time you log in to your Yahoo! Mail Beta account. Note: This feature is being rolled out to Yahoo! Mail Beta users over the next […]