Honda’s Rule! This commercial shows you why and makes me want my gameboy


I know it’s not a demo of a new web service but I saw this video on Pronet Advertising and I couldn’t resist sharing it with the readers of Demo Girl. I absolutely love Honda’s. I’m on my second one and it brought me cross country three times and from California to Seattle, even though I abuse the heck out of it. Oil change at 3,000 miles? I laugh at that! Regular tune-ups? What’s a tune-up? I’ve wanted a Honda Fit, called a Honda Jazz in Europe, ever since I saw an ad for one about a year ago. It looks just like an updated version of my hatchback, which unfortunately was stolen and removed of a few parts last month. If you’re a fan of Honda, like I am, and a fan of Tetris, as I am as well, then you’ll enjoy this short commercial.

Honda Jazz Demo Commercial

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