If IE and MySpace had a baby it’s name would be BuddyWave


BuddyWave is a browser built for MySpace. It allows you to organize your friends, send group messages, edit your profile, etc. Here’s a demo showing how to use BuddyWave in which the narrator fails to get me even remotely excited about using this service.

BuddyWave Demo

3 Responses to “If IE and MySpace had a baby it’s name would be BuddyWave”

  1. 1 Shawn

    Well it looks ok, if you only ever use myspace. Review pretty much matches the demo exactly, darn demo almost put me to sleep! Please excuse me while I go baithe myself I mozilla goodness.

  2. Looks like there is a similar product using the Mozilla engine called the MySpace Enhanced Browser. http://www.socialbrowsr.com is their website and they have a video demo on the homepage. Haven’t used it yet but it looks much cooler than this program.

  3. Browser,

    I couldn’t get past the tiny video and the half naked girl in their demo 😉 . It seems like it could be a cool service but as far as the demo goes, it’s not very informative. I have to ask though, if you haven’t used the service, why is your name linking to their homepage?

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