Something I actually will use, MojoPages


MojoPages is a mixture of online yellow pages, reviews, and a splash of social networking. It almost reminds me of Judy’s Book, which I used to use all the time, if Judy’s Book was on steroids. Here’s a screencast introduction to MojoPages.

MojoPages Demo

2 Responses to “Something I actually will use, MojoPages”

  1. I have tried out all the local business review sites: yelp, yahoo local, google local, judys book, insiderpages, citysearch. I found mojopages and am happiest with it. It is the most user friendly, easiest to find my way around, and the pages the members make are pretty to look at. They add the background of their choice like myspace and yahoo local, can add photos of a business or photo of the work done by the business – even video clips. Mojopages is the best local business review site of them all. I have not opened a paper phone book in over 3 years. The writing is so small you can’t read it, and you still don’t know which business to pick out of there. I would much rather read reviews online. If the business does not have reviews, at least I can click the link to their website and see what I think of them. I am glad that the major search engines are including results from various local business review sites (not just their own). This practice helps gather the most information.

  2. I am a mojopages user. The feature I like best about it is having my own page that I can put the background of my choice on, and make the page look pretty. The next best thing is that it is very easy to tell the difference between a real reviewer, and the false review made by the business owner. One click on the reviewer’s name or face shows you their page. Mojo members have class. There is a wide range of ages writing reviews on the site. Many have fun adding pictures to reviews. Adding video clips is another feature. Some members make helpful lists for city attractions that make a good travel guide. Other lists are for shopping, restaurants, beauty spas, things to do for Halloween, and sights to see during the Holidays. We all like to give our opinion to others. Mojopages is the most interesting review site to do that. I can give my opinion and eventually someone looking for that type of business will care what I have to say about it. Back to the customized page ability, it makes it feel like that page is mine – I own a piece of the internet.

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