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MojoPages is a mixture of online yellow pages, reviews, and a splash of social networking. It almost reminds me of Judy’s Book, which I used to use all the time, if Judy’s Book was on steroids. Here’s a screencast introduction to MojoPages. MojoPages Demo

StikiPad is a hosted wiki provider that helps you make task lists, plan events, write your next novel, pretty much whatever your heart desires. They have a couple of screencasts to help you get started in the StikiPad Theatre. StikiPad Demos

What does this mean? Well, quite simply you can chat with anyone in your contacts who is also online. Here’s a screencast showing you what to look for the next time you log in to your Yahoo! Mail Beta account. Note: This feature is being rolled out to Yahoo! Mail Beta users over the next […]

If you’ve ever worked in retail you know what a pain keeping up on inventory and sales can be. MerchantOS hopes to improve your inventory control, improve sales, and allow you off-site access. Here’s a screencast introduction to MerchantOS. MerchantOS Demo

Teqlo allows you to make your own mashup without having to fiddle around with any code.  I don’t really know what they mean by “everyone else” but here’s a screencast demo of Teqlo in action. Note: If you tend to blink, you may miss something Teqlo Demo

Wesabe is a service that can really help you get control of your finances. I just came across another screencast showing how to use an advanced tagging technique called “splitting”.  Here you can check out previous Wesabe screencasts. Wesabe Splitting Demo

I made a screencast earlier today for and posted it on Screeniac and then came across one done by the creator of Nozbe. Mine’s more of an overview of how Nozbe can help you get things done, so you may want to check out both if you want to see how you can really […]