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I love traveling and although I’ve never been to Europe, I’ve been everywhere in between. I’ve driven cross country 4 times and it would’ve been fun to have had a site like Wayki along the way. Wayki is a service that lets you post markers with messages and photos anywhere on a map. Each marker […]

Summertime is almost here. That means BBQ’s, camping trips, and a lot less clothing. I’ve recently started my workout routine that I sort of brushed aside this winter when a fluffy sweatshirt seemed much more appealing then workout gear. There are quite a few diet and exercise sites out there but some are far too […]

I recently read an article on Lifehacker which compared various homepages. I thought since I did a screencast of My Yahoo!, which didn’t rank very high in the review, I’d give Netvibes a go. Netvibes is a free homepage that gives you access to a ton of feeds, modules, videos, podcasts, email, etc. You can […] gives you another way to search by giving you previews of your results as you scroll through them. You can customize your settings, use your keyboard to browse through your results quickly, and there’s a handy snap image search as well. Flash Demo 2m42s

SimplifyThis is an online invoicing service that is aimed at small businesses. It allows you to track and accept payments online, customize your invoices and add your company logo, send invoices via email, etc. It’s only available through a free trial at the moment and there’s no date posted when this will end. In my […]

My Yahoo! allows you to take all of the features of Yahoo! and put them in one place. Yes, Yahoo! has a lot of features and that’s why My Yahoo! is so great. Just take what you need such as, email, your calendar, weather, maps, RSS, and much more and add it to your My […]

I was doing some exploring in my Google account today and came across a few things I’d never taken the time to pay attention to in the past. I decided to check out the help pages and came across a few helpful tips to use while doing searches on Google. Here’s a screencast showing you […]

Keeping up with the theme of the week, I decided to make a screencast showing off some features that Bloglines offers. I’ve always used Bloglines and after making this demo I’ve decided to keep it that way.  In addition to being a feed reader, Bloglines provides you with a blog, package tracking, weather forecasts, and […]

I’ve been meaning to give Google Reader a closer look for some time. It has some nice features such as personalized trends, feed sharing, and a nice customizable clip that you can place on your website or blog and displays your Readers latest shared items. I did create a screencast for Google Reader a while […]

Joost invites


I have two Joost tokens. Who wants ’em? Leave me a comment with your name and email and I’ll send one along!  Update:  I don’t have any invites left but I’ll let you know when I get some more!