Online invoicing for small businesses


SimplifyThis is an online invoicing service that is aimed at small businesses. It allows you to track and accept payments online, customize your invoices and add your company logo, send invoices via email, etc. It’s only available through a free trial at the moment and there’s no date posted when this will end. In my screencast I mention that I can’t find any help pages but after further digging I did find this. This is a feature and tutorial screencast to help you get started.

Flash Demo 4m22s


3 Responses to “Online invoicing for small businesses”

  1. Thanks for the mention! We’re astounded to see such an incredible demo of the application! Very well done.

    I should point out that we are working on help content and should have some of it live over the next few days…

  2. 2 Renee Johnson

    I have only used harvest and freshbooks but I have to admit after using Net2Invoice – I totally forgot about them. It is not only free but much simpler to use. I was actually paying at freshbooks, here I am not doing anything.

  3. 3 Ernie

    Thanks for the screencast.

    I have been juggling between different invoicing apps, and finally stumbled upon CurdBee ( Telling you, it’s an awesome web app which comes totally free! Believe me it costs nothing and there’s no restrictions! CurdBee supports all the features you mentioned in the screencast. They offer good customer support too.

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