Two web applications to help you shed that extra winter weight


Summertime is almost here. That means BBQ’s, camping trips, and a lot less clothing. I’ve recently started my workout routine that I sort of brushed aside this winter when a fluffy sweatshirt seemed much more appealing then workout gear. There are quite a few diet and exercise sites out there but some are far too demanding for the average person that just wants to get healthy and not have to join a social networking site along the way.

FavoriteRun is a great place to find and create running, biking, and walking routes in your neighborhood. They have free account which is just fine for someone looking to find some new trails near their home. Here’s my screencast tour of FavoriteRun:
Flash Demo 6m4s

FitDay is a diet and exercise journal where you can easily enter in the foods you eat throughout the day, calculate your caloric intake, set goals, view graphs of your progress, keep a journal, and more. It wants to make you accountable for what you’re eating by showing you every gram of fat, every calorie, and every evil carbohydrate. Here’s my screencast tour of FitDay:
Flash Demo 4m10s


2 Responses to “Two web applications to help you shed that extra winter weight”

  1. Hey Molly. When using the online version of FitDay, if you have trouble finding the food you are looking for, hop on over to — my website. I added a feature that allows you to easily copy items into your FitDay custom food list. DietFacts has a ton of nutrition info for restaurant foods not found elsewhere. I hope you’ll check it out!

  2. Thanks for the info Kelly. The restaurant guide is a little scary but useful!

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