Do you Twitter or do you Jaiku?


Personally, up until today, I didn’t do much of either. I tried Twitter last month during SXSW and it was so slow I sort of gave up. My brother pointed me in the direction of Jaiku the very same day and I was way more impressed. The problem was that everyone was on Twitter and I felt all alone on Jaiku. That is until Leo Laporte let the cat out of the bag. This morning I made a screencast of Jaiku and of Twitter and what I decided is that I like the UI of Jaiku better and that you can add feeds from your blog. I noticed that Jaiku was having the exact same problem Twitter was having during SXSW and today Twitter was more pleasant to deal with than Jaiku. I’m going to have to wait a few weeks to make up my mind. In the mean time, here are my screencasts of Jaiku and Twitter.

Twitter Flash Demo 3m15s

Jaiku Flash Demo 3m37s

Note: I wasn’t sure how to pronounce Jaiku so I apologize in advance if I guessed wrong 🙂


5 Responses to “Do you Twitter or do you Jaiku?”

  1. I’m currently using Twitter, but it’s very limited, both in appeal and features.

    The novelty has worn off a little, which is a shame because the social mechanics are still relevant.

    Like with anything else that’s new, the early pioneers don’t always survive the initial gold rush…

  2. Yeah Wayne, it took me so long to even get remotely excited about twitter for the simple fact that the UI isn’t the best. It took me about 15 minutes to completely understand Jaiku and that’s before I even used Twitter. After making the screencast I started to see the fun and the great social aspects of both services but I’m just waiting to see who comes out on top. Hopefully they’ll both do well.

  3. “Hopefully they’ll both do well.”

    Inevitably, we then have an ‘us versus them’ scenario, which I’d personally like not to see…

  4. Not if you add your Twitter RSS feed to your Jaiku feeds, which I’ve done. Like I said, I still haven’t made up my mind so I’m using both for now and it just may stay that way.

  5. For now, I’ve got Twitter plugged into my Lifestream .. thing!

    It’s a social experiment of mine; to discover just how many people are mad enough to read about my daily doin’s.

    Thanks for stopping by my MyBlogLog profile, by the way…

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