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Most bloggers know all about Technorati, the ultimate blog search. Like some other well known services that I’ve done screencasts for in the past (Gmail and Bloglines) maybe you don’t take full advantage of all there is to offer. After reading this article today I started thinking about how to generate more traffic to DemoGirl and I started poking my nose deeper into Technorati and finally decided to just do a screencast. So here it is, my screencast tour of Technorati:

Flash Demo 4m41s

7 Responses to “How I use Technorati”

  1. Nice work. It died about 2 mins in for me though – tried it 3 times. Might need checking out.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Steve. It seems to work find for me now. Hopefully it was just a glitch that fixed itself.

  3. Loved the video. Already know about Technorati and it’s features, but a refresher never hurt.

  4. 4 paisano

    Excellent video. I thought I knew what technorati was…but now I really do!
    I will use it every day now! Thanks!


  5. Molly,

    Thanks for the great screencast. It was helpful and is still very relevant 1+ years later. We were originally intrigued that people were linking to our site from Technorati as we had not posted any links or created an account.

    Your screencast has opened our eyes to a potential new channel for incoming traffic.

    Best wishes for continued success of DemoGirl!

    – David

  6. The information was very useful. I didn’t know that technorati was similar to a community website.

    I will join technorati and claim my blogs.

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