It’s my screencast birthday!


It was one year ago today that I posted my very first screencast. I remember being so afraid of hearing the sound of my voice and I would freak out if anyone was around me while I was recording. I had a little headset mic and had no idea how to use a lot of the features that came with the screencast software I was using, Camtasia. I sort of felt the same way I did when I was 15 and trying to learn how to drive a standard. I knew I could do it but I also knew it would take time before it would just come naturally. The fear of my own voice is now gone and I can navigate through Camtasia with my eyes closed but I still hate the way I sound.

Since then I have created 250 screencasts not counting the custom screencasts I’ve done for various companies. I’ve learned a lot in this year and hopefully helped some of you find cool new web services in a different way. It’s fun to see how much screencasting has grown and to see screencasts created by companies that I previously covered. Thanks to the guys at VPOP Technologies for coming up with this great idea and asking me to carry it out. They also happen to be two of my older brothers and one of them, Joe, helped to coin the phrase “screencast” so it’s only appropriate that we’ve somehow been involved in the growth of screencasting. (I like to think so 🙂 )

I hope you’re enjoying DemoGirl and don’t forget to check out Screeniac, our previous screencast demo site, which is where a large number of my screencasts are located. If you need custom work then check out this page and don’t forget, “Screenshots suck! Screencasts rulio!”.

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  1. Moly… you deserve to know; Your voice is appealing to the point of classic. Your voice sounds clear, has an easy-on-the-ears tone and carries a vibe which suggest the person listening can “grasp this concept.” I would go so far as to suggest you offer your voice out on “voice-over” projects.

    I’m entering the screencast production arena…but only as a side income and only because I’ve learned some techniques out of necessity. I can not afford to pay someone else, so I’m making my own and others want me to make screencasts for their projects. I’m told my voice sounds really good…but, I would never have believed it until enough unsolicited people confirmed it.

    That said, I’m a level below the real pros like you…and that’s fine…because I believe there is a market in that price-point where I can earn a nice side income. I don’t use Camtasia and I rarely write a script. That should confirm the immediate difference.

    So..just thought I’d drop you a note. I happened to be doing some screencasting research this morning and happened upon this post of yours. Found myself compelled to write a reply.

    That’s it for now.
    Warm regards,
    Jim Canto (
    …and on Twitter at…

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Jim! All the best in your screencasting career!

  2. awesome stuff

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