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Kyte allows you to create your own TV channels and broadcast shows on your website, blog, social network, or mobile phone. You can upload video, photos, add music, and polls. Viewers can chat live about your shows and, if you allow it, other users can produce shows and broadcast them on your channel. I created […]

Meshly gives you a way to quickly post links to your own space and the Meshly community through your IM client. Users can vote and comment on the posts and you can place posts onto specific channels. At first, I thought that it was another Twitter, but it’s not really about letting people know what […]

MoodMill gives you a way to manage and share your moods online. It allows you to quickly update your mood and give a brief description why you’re feeling especially happy or especially annoyed. You can subscribe to your friends MoodMill and create a different avatar for each mood you may be feeling. MoodMill is a […]

LifesterBlog is a blogging service that allows you to create a customized blog and control the privacy on all of your posts. You can add video from YouTube, photos from Flickr, and books from Amazon. There aren’t very many themes to choose from but you can upload your own image to use as the banner […]

MySpace News is a news aggregation service that lets MySpace members vote on stories on a scale of 1-5 ( hate it-love it ). The more positive votes the story gets, the more it moves up. There are numerous categories and topics that you can browse through and you can request more to be added […]

Buzzillions is a product review site that helps you find customer reviews based on qualities that are important to you. While searching for a product you can choose what features you want, what dislikes you won’t stand for, and you can compare brands by customers most used keywords. Reviewers can also submit photos to show […]

Spock is a people search engine with a ton of cool features. The search results are more like mini profiles of people who match your search term. Each person has tags associated with them which are used to make finding them easier. The tags have a drop down menu where you can vote on whether […]