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Mahalo is a new type of search engine that is completely controlled by actual humans. Instead of receiving a long list of results after doing a search, which typically contain numerous spamy links, you’re taken to a web page that contains links that have been hand picked by the Mahalo Guides. The top of the […]

If you live in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami, or NYC, then you’re probably either really stoked or really weirded out about Google Maps new feature, Street View.  It lets you see your city just as you’d see it if you were strolling down the street.  But beware…just when you think you’re all alone […]

Tshirt takeaway is a service that allows you to design your own t-shirt, choose the amount of commission you wish to receive from sales, and promote it on your website or blog with a nifty widget. It’s extremely easy to use and they do all the grunt work. Your readers can simply click on the […]

I know, I know, I’ve been so quiet this last week.  I’m so sorry for the lack of new screencasts. But, it just so happens that I do have somewhat of a life outside of DemoGirl and right now it’s moving me to California.  It’s just been crazy packing and getting everything in order.  In […]

Interclue is a browser add-on that gives you a preview of the content that’s attached to a link you’re about to click on. You have total control of when you want to enable Interclue and you can really customize the amount of content that will appear when you hover over the “linkclue”. I have my […]

Tripbase is a travel site that gives you ideas on where to take your next vacation based on your interests. You decide how important nightlife, shopping, dining, nature, and tourist attractions are to you and Tripbase will spit out some ideas. You can also do a more filtered search to include your budget, time of […]

Whether you travel internationally on a weekly basis or if you just took your first passport photo, vayama is a really useful site. It focuses only on international flights and allows you to search for one or many international destinations. Vayama also provides city and airport maps, transportation information, and information about the city itself. […]