SharedCopy or Fleck? Screencast battle will help you decide


SharedCopy allows you to easily annotate webpages with just a click of a bookmarklet. You can keep these pages private and only share the URL with the people you choose. If you decide to make your notes public they’ll be posted on the SharedCopy homepage as well as stored in your account. In both cases, you can subscribe to the feed of your annotated pages so you can keep track of new comments. SharedCopy is similar to Fleck, which I made a screencast for back in November. You can watch that screencast here. Here’s my screencast tour of SharedCopy:

Flash Demo 3m20s

2 Responses to “SharedCopy or Fleck? Screencast battle will help you decide”

  1. Very cool video! Do you mind if we use it (with attribution of cos 🙂

  2. Thanks James! Go right ahead and use it!

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