Get a clue about what you’re about to click on with Interclue


Interclue is a browser add-on that gives you a preview of the content that’s attached to a link you’re about to click on. You have total control of when you want to enable Interclue and you can really customize the amount of content that will appear when you hover over the “linkclue”.

I have my mixed emotions about link previews because I feel that I browse the web very quickly and I don’t know how much time I would spend examining links. But, what I did find cool was that I could browse a site like craigslist and quickly go through classified ads without having to click on anything. You get all the information that’s included in the post just by hovering over the link. The fact that you can easily turn Interclue off and on is also a big plus. Here’s my screencast tour of Interclue:

Flash Demo 2m50s

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  1. Hi Demogirl,

    Thanks very much for that 🙂 I’ve been meaning to do my own screencast and you’ve beaten me to it. You also alerted me to something that we need to explain better inside the interface – the linkclue modes you set in the browser status bar only apply to the domain that you’re on – so for instance even if you’ve got “sensible clues only” set by default (which we need to explain better, essentially it means “all external links and all internal looks that look like articles rather than navigation” ) you can switch to using Interclue.
    On the other hand, if you only find Interclue useful on a few sites (eg Craigslist, Google Reader, Wikipedia, and blogs) then you can always have the linkclue mode set to “no clues at all” by default, and then whenever you find a site where it’s useful, turn on interclue for that domain.

    I think we also need to make it more obvious at the top of the page that this is a free tool, with no ads. Later on we’ll be adding a premium version for people who want to get faster clues with more information.

    Seth Wagoner, CEO Interclue

  2. 2 Dan

    Thanks M, that’s a nice intro. I’ve had Interclue installed for a little while, and you showed me several things I hadn’t noticed. A great tool!

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