Mahalo – The land of the [spam] free search


Mahalo is a new type of search engine that is completely controlled by actual humans. Instead of receiving a long list of results after doing a search, which typically contain numerous spamy links, you’re taken to a web page that contains links that have been hand picked by the Mahalo Guides. The top of the page contains the top 7 links to various sites which contain information the guides feel are relevant to your search. There’s a lot more here though, so I recommend watching my screencast.

Mahalo is Hawaiian for “thank you”, and as a former resident of Hawaii I can sincerely say Mahalo for the soothing design of the site and the lovely logo with the plumeria flower, one of my favorites. Mahalo is the start up of Jason Calacanis and you can find his result page here. Here’s my screencast tour of Mahalo:

Flash Demo 3m

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