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Explode is a service that brings like minded people together through social search. Users create profiles which can include the URL’s of social networking sites they belong to as well as their main blog or website. You can find people with the same interests as you by doing a search and you’re in control of […]

Spock invites


Well, I don’t have a hundred invites but I do have three.  I would like to give the invites to DemoGirl readers so please let me know what your favorite or not so favorite screencast I’ve done is and why in the comments.   If you’re not sure what Spock is don’t worry, you can watch […]

Phozi is a free service that lets you take photos from your computer, mobile phone, or webcam and quickly add fun backgrounds and stamps. You can then share your creations on your blog or favorite social networking site. It’s a bit like the site cameroid, a service I made a screencast for recently. Phozi claims […]

LinkedIn is a really great way to create a professional profile that’s available for potential employers and employees to view. It also creates a way to branch out and network with other professionals in your industry. One problem I found with LinkedIn is the abundance of features paired with not so abundant help pages. It’s […]

As a blog reader, sometimes you just want to comment on one really great or one really annoying sentence the writer has included in a post. In most cases you would put what the writer said in quotations and then add your remarks below it as to show exactly what you’re commenting on. Well, enough […]

Spool is an online music player that allows you to create and save playlists of all your favorite songs. You can share songs with friends and listen to music in real time with them by sharing your own URL. Features are limited right now but they do mention loads of new features and widgets on […]

SharedCopy allows you to easily annotate webpages with just a click of a bookmarklet. You can keep these pages private and only share the URL with the people you choose. If you decide to make your notes public they’ll be posted on the SharedCopy homepage as well as stored in your account. In both cases, […]