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I don’t know, maybe it’s all the cold medicine I’ve been taking today but I think that’s a grand name for the latest experiment from the guys over at Google, and I made it up. This means that you can now use your Wii with Google Reader… made for the Wii. Great. I don’t have […]

I’ve heard that line before but hopefully with Gaboogie it’s true. Gaboogie is a service that wants to take the hassle out of having to remember to set up and attend conference calls. After you schedule your calls on Gaboogie you can simply go back to whatever you were doing and Gaboogie will call you […]

Jigadig is a search engine that searches for items on eBay, Overstock, and uBid. There are more features here though then search. Once you’ve signed in you can “pin” items to save and compare later and you can share these pins with your friends. You can also “dig” (that’s right, just one g) an item […]

Jyve is a service where users can ask and answer questions from real people in a number of different ways. You can simply type in your questions and wait for someone to answer it or you can browse through users profiles and tag clouds until you find someone with the expertise you desire. You can […]

When doing searches using Google, Yahoo!, or MSN, you may get results that have nothing to do with what you’re actually searching for. If I do a search for digital cameras I may get results with links to, “fill out this survey and get a free digital camera!” and that’s not what I’m searching for. […]

 Do you love to take pictures of yourself?  Do you have a web cam?  Would you like to see what you’d look like dressed up in a gorilla suit?  If you answered yes to all three of these questions then you’ll love cameroid.  Cameroid is a service that allows you to quickly take photos with […]

I love listening to and discovering new music. I also love music videos which, unfortunately, you can’t even seem to find on MTV anymore. With musicmesh you can listen to your favorite album and watch related YouTube videos at the same time. You’ll also be given suggestions on albums you may enjoy based on your […]