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After reading Lorelle’s post about a useful Firefox Extension today, I found myself inspired to find a few that I found useful and demonstrate them for you. It’s easy to install various Extensions yourself and uninstall them if you don’t like what they have to offer but it’s even easier to watch a quick demo. […]

Foodio54 wants to help you find great restaurants in your area and share them with your friends. Members can give ratings, write reviews, edit restaurant information, and set reminders if you want to be sure and visit the restaurant later. All of the restaurants you rate are stored for you as a list and you […]

Wishpot is a service that helps you create and share a wish list of all the things you’re just dying to buy.  (Or have bought for you.)  They have a handy bookmarklet to make adding items from any site easy and you can show off your desires on your website or blog with the Wishpot […]

Fluther is a Q&A site that keeps you updated in real time when someone is reading or composing an answer to your question.  When you sign up for your account, you’ll need to fill out a profile which will tell Fluther what sort of questions you may be able to answer.  You can rate answers, […]

VeohTV allows you to watch, record, and save Internet video in full screen on your PC. They have over 100 pre-selected channels to choose from which contain various full length episodes. You can also search VeohTV and it will grab results from YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo!, and more. Soon they’ll be adding a personal recommendation feature […]

Queeky is an online drawing tool that lets you send your works of art to friends and family in the form of an ecard. You can also chat and multi-draw when you’re logged into Queeky and watch a replay of pictures being drawn. It was fun to use but when I sent a drawing out […]

VUVOX is a media presentation and sharing tool that helps you showcase your photos and video in a very sleek way. You can upload media from your computer, grab it from your flickr, Google, Photobucket, or YouTube account, or just do a search. After that it’s all about drag and drop, style, and customization. To […]

Ztail is a free service that makes it really easy to list items on eBay and online classified sites. All you really need to do is search for the item you own and then select it if it comes up in the Ztail search. If they don’t have your item, you can list the item […]

MySpaceIM is officially available for download. Once installed you can easily add friends from your “top” friends list, all of your friends, or add specific friends. You can access your inbox and profile from MySpaceIM and get real-time notifications when someone is leaving you comments or messages on your MySpace page. I’ve read a couple […]

I normally try to keep you updated, visually that is, on all the little features that Google adds to their services. Well, today they’ve added reviews directly on Google Maps. Not only are they providing reviews, but as long as you’re logged into your Google account you can easily leave your own review right on […]