Is your blog listed in the BlogCatalog?


BlogCatalog is a place to discover new blogs and display your own blog making your content easier for people to find.  You can add other members as friends, create a widget for your blog that displays recent readers, and easily search for blogs with content that interests you.  You can’t add comments to other members “shoutboxes” or participate in discussions unless your blog has been approved.  Hopefully this will cut down on spam, but I’m sure there’s still going to be the occasional, “Interesting stuff.  Come check out my blog”.  Here’s my screencast tour of BlogCatalog:

Flash Demo 3m21s

7 Responses to “Is your blog listed in the BlogCatalog?”

  1. 1 Daniel

    Great Demo! Were glad to have you as part of the BlogCatalog community.


  2. Awesome screencast! Really well-done! 🙂

  3. Thanks and Thanks!

  4. 4 Tony

    You are superb at screen casts.

  5. 5 Sindhu

    That’s great work!

  6. my blog isn`t listed yet but I`m about to go sign up for it.
    Hopefully it`ll bring more traffic to my site which I only started recently

  1. 1 Speed Linking: 13-Jun-07

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