– Create your own vCard in about a minute


Has anyone ever used the “I lost your card!” excuse when being confronted about not returning a call? Well, rolobiz wants to get rid of that excuse. (Even though it probably just means their not interested in whatever it is your selling.) All you need to do is upload your business card and get your rolobiz ID. The next time you have your business cards printed include your rolobiz ID. When you give someone your business card, they can simply go to the specified URL, download your vCard, and toss the useless piece of paper in the garbage. (Hopefully in the recyclables.) Here’s my screencast tour of rolobiz:

Flash Demo 1m35s

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  1. 1 Chester

    I can’t get to the Rolobiz site (Application error!
    Session must be started before any output has been sent to the browser; output started in /home/rolobizm/public_html/index.php/1
    Click here to continue.)

    You can do the same at Create a SyncUp ID and you can print your SyncUp ID on your business card. SyncUp has an MS Outlook plug-in, and search capability. You can also explicitly approve each request for your information. You can also offer your information to someone when you request theirs.

    With SyncUp you’ll be able to use the information on in Outlook, on your phone (I’m told), etc. Very cool!

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