VUVOX gives you another way to make your media pretty


VUVOX is a media presentation and sharing tool that helps you showcase your photos and video in a very sleek way. You can upload media from your computer, grab it from your flickr, Google, Photobucket, or YouTube account, or just do a search. After that it’s all about drag and drop, style, and customization. To find out more, watch my screencast tour of VUVOX:

Flash Demo 4m35s

2 Responses to “VUVOX gives you another way to make your media pretty”

  1. Great Job Demo Girl! I love this application. You did a fantastic job describing the application. I hear they are adding an application to Facebook as well in the next week or so. Can’t wait… when that shows up, you should *definitely* do a follow-up to that by showing their facebook app. take care. Great site!!

  2. Hi Demo Girl, very great work. I’ve published a review of your site on my blog (in Spanish).
    DemoGirl, screencast profesionales on-demand.
    Para hacer un buen screencast es necesario disponer de una serie de habilidades y herramientas a las que no todo el mundo tiene acceso o posee. Y no sólo desde el punto de vista técnico. […]

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