Foodio54 – I love your name! And I like what your doing


Foodio54 wants to help you find great restaurants in your area and share them with your friends. Members can give ratings, write reviews, edit restaurant information, and set reminders if you want to be sure and visit the restaurant later. All of the restaurants you rate are stored for you as a list and you can create multiple lists to keep them organized. Foodio54 also wants to recommend places for you based on you and your friends ratings but I think I’m to new to the site as that feature didn’t happen for me. Here’s my screencast tour of Foodio54:

Flash Demo 3m22s

One Response to “Foodio54 – I love your name! And I like what your doing”

  1. Hello Molly!

    I just watched your screencast of Foodio54 and really enjoyed it. A user search is on the way :-)…I’ve been trying to get Mike to code it for weeks and now you’ve given me some ammunition! Thanks again for reviewing the site.


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