Happy Friday! Celebrate with these Firefox Extensions


After reading Lorelle’s post about a useful Firefox Extension today, I found myself inspired to find a few that I found useful and demonstrate them for you. It’s easy to install various Extensions yourself and uninstall them if you don’t like what they have to offer but it’s even easier to watch a quick demo. I’d like to do more screencasts like these, so if there are any Firefox Extensions that you’d like to see demonstrated then let me know in the comments.

Split Browser allows you to easily turn your browser into multiple browsers to make comparing web pages and even writing blog posts a bit easier. Here’s my screencast tour of Split Browser:
Flash Demo2m31s

Locator and Map+ are two ways to quickly map an address you find online. Here’s my screencast tour of Locator and Map+ :
Flash Demo 1m39s

ColorfulTabs lets you customize the colors of your tabs to make organizing easy. It also makes them look pretty. Here’s my screencast tour of ColorfulTabs:
Flash Demo1m59s

Translator will instantly translate any web page you’re on using the translation service of your choice. Here’s my screencast tour of translator:
Flash Demo1m39s

1-Click Answers give you an instant meaning of a word with, you guessed it, one click. Here’s my screencast tour of -Click Answers:
Flash Demo 1m24s

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