Zoho Polls – Just one of many online apps from Zoho


Zoho has an office suite of web based applications that seems to be growing every time I go back to the site.  For some reason I never noticed Zoho Polls way down at the bottom of their homepage.  It was released in April of last year but is so easy to use I thought I’d give you a quick look.  Here’s my screencast tour of Zoho Polls:

Flash Demo 2m30s

2 Responses to “Zoho Polls – Just one of many online apps from Zoho”

  1. Yeah sure Zoho comes out with online colloboration suite and perhaps it would be a better compettitor to Google and Microsoft. Zoho is still growing fast and comes out with new features by every month and the support provided them was fine. Hope zoho is ahead of Google and microsoft in the race

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