Buddystumbler – For those of us who spend way too much time online


Buddystumbler is a service that hooks you up with other guys and/or gals with similar interests and then gives you an easy way to connect via IM.  You can search for people by tags or by adding a bit more detail, like age and location.  You need to agree to be buddies before IM names are exchanged but you can leave a “shout out” on other members profiles without making a commitment.  Here’s my screencast tour of buddystumbler:

Flash Demo 3m47s

5 Responses to “Buddystumbler – For those of us who spend way too much time online”

  1. 1 dave

    Sounds like a really good idea and seems to have been implemented quite nicely too. I will definitely be signing up for it a little later and seeing what kind of people I might get in touch with.

    I know the “social networking” market might be kind of flooded at the moment, by since I’m fairly new to the scene and don’t already have 500 accounts on different websites I am going to check it out.

    Another 5-star tip off and webcast, thank you very much demogirl.

  2. Thanks Dave. I hope you meet some cool people!

  3. 3 dave

    Yes, it’s a nice site. It’s a shame it’s only for US at the moment though, as I’m a Brit. We always have to wait before we get the cool stuff over here. But at least we have Dr Who!

  4. demo girl,
    thanks so much for doing the webcast. we (buddystumbler) are working on making the site not just US specific. we are going to introduce some major changes over the coming months. stay tuned…


  5. 5 dave

    That’s good to know Buddystumbler… I’ll keep checking 🙂

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