Thoof – Cool service, but I don’t get your name


I was waiting tables a few years back and a person at one of my tables made this comment to me, “Aww, you have a little lisp! How cute!”. I quickly shot him a look that my friends and family know all too well and walked away. For a long time after that I was so self conscious about my speech – and that feeling briefly came back today while doing the audio for this screencast. Say the word “Thoof” a few times over and you’ll know what I mean. OK, now for the real reason you’re here.

Thoof is a site that wants to find news articles, websites, and links to things on the web that cater to your liking. All you need to do is read a story. If you like it, great, keep on reading. If you don’t like it you can mark it as “not interesting” and Thoof will use that to make future recommendations. You don’t have to click on an article to let Thoof know you won’t like it. By not clicking on it you’re already letting Thoof know that you don’t want to be bothered. All of the articles you click on are automatically stored for you and you can remove them later as needed. Another great feature is that you can suggest changes to be made to the summary and tags linked to the article. All of the articles are submitted by the Thoof community and they vote on whether or not the changes should be made. Here’s my screencast tour of Thoof:

Flash Demo 3m15s

2 Responses to “Thoof – Cool service, but I don’t get your name”

  1. 1 dave

    OK so despite the name, which I really have to wonder why they chose it, this is a really cool service. I could spend (have spent) hours just browsing the stories that thoof comes up with.

    The only thing I haven’t worked out yet is the ‘improve’ function. But I expect that’s just cos it’s late at night and I need some sleep.

  2. Another web application with a similar goal is – it chooses stories for you based on feedback of what you like and don’t like. Unlike Thoof it’s not based on user-submitted stories, but pulls from news sites and blogs automatically.

    (disclaimer: vested interest).

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