Put your photos and life experiences on a timeline with circaVie


CircaVie is a service from AOL where you can create “multimedia timelines all about your life”. You can sign into circaVie using your OpenID, your AIM Screenname, or create a new account. These timelines can be created for just about anything – photos during a vacation, your child growing up, or even just a description of events as they’ve happened in your life. You can also add links and YouTube videos to your timeline. After you’re through, you can put them on your blog or website or link to them on your AIM Homepage. Here’s my screencast tour of circaVie:

Flash Demo 3m41s

5 Responses to “Put your photos and life experiences on a timeline with circaVie”

  1. 1 dave

    That’s a pretty neat application and I like the idea of it, but I wouldn’t want to upload ALL my photos that way – think it would be a little tedious to put dates on every last one. I wonder how long it will be before a certain other web 2.0 photo sharing site (that’s missing a vowel) adds similar functionality?

  2. Gee…I wonder who you’re talking about 😉

  3. Hey what’s it going to take to get you to do a screencast of Camtasia Studio?…can that even be done 😉 Maybe if the prog lets one open two instances, huh? Whatever, just toying with it. I have Camtasia and want to start using it for teaching real estate agents but I haveyet to use it. I love to watch your screen casts as a ‘kick start’. Thanks!

  4. Chris, that thought has been in my head for a while now. In the mean time, they have screencast tutorials for you to watch to learn how to do just about anything with Camtasia. Now, how can I put it into one screencast… 😉

  5. You mean watch a screencast by someone else??? Hmm, interesting idea, indeed.

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