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When looking for a new place to live, there’s almost an endless amount of online resources that are supposed to be useful.  But how do you sift through them all to find the best ones?  Well, if you’ve been reading DemoGirl for a while you probably know that I’m moving soon.  (Saturday!) Whenever I have […]

Gleamd is a site that helps you find and write about interesting people on the Web. You can browse through categories of people, view people in the “spotlight”, and view popular people. By people, I mean biographies that have been added by the gleamd community. You can add someone’s bio easily and if they come […]

TripIt gives you a great way to organize your travel plans in a neat little package.  There are a few ways you can use TripIt.  You can simply email your itinerary to and TripIt will automatically organize your flights, hotels, car rentals, etc.  It will even include weather forecasts and maps for your destination.  […]

Tafiti is a new research tool from Microsoft that uses Silverlight and Live Search to give you a really cool way to find and store research on any subject. You can try it out without signing up but in order to save any of your research you need to log in with your Windows Live […]

Zoho has again improved on one of their great products.  Zoho Writer, the online word processor, has now added an “offline” feature.  When you’re logged into Zoho Writer you can simply click on “go offline” and your documents will automatically be downloaded and ready to view in in offline mode.  Whenever you log into […]

Where I’ve Been is a facebook application that lets you create an interactive map for your facebook profile showing the places you’ve visited, lived, and would like to go. It’s only available to facebook members now but their website shows they have plans to allow you to create maps for MySpace and your own website […]

FooWHO is a site that wants to find cool stuff for you and let you share the cool stuff you find with the fooWHO community.  What sort of cool stuff you ask?  Well, it could be just about anything you want.  A cool blog (*cough*), a neato video, a sweet gadget, or even your favorite […]

Mahalo Follow is a Firefox extension that displays Mahalo search results that match whatever you may be searching for on Google, Yahoo!, etc.  The results pop up in your sidebar and only if Mahalo has a page written for your search term.  There is also a “random” feature which (duh) displays random Mahalo pages.  If […]

A while back I was a food and beverage manager for a restaurant and every few months I’d schedule the dreaded staff meeting.  The servers and bartenders hated it, and so did I, but it had to be done.  It was typically and hour of me explaining that it’s not OK to talk on your […]

VibeAgent is a hotel recommendation site that wants to help you find a great place to stay based on features that are important to you and reviews written by the VibeAgent community.  Once you sign up for an account you’ll officially be an agent and be able to write hotel reviews, join groups, read other […]