SplashCast and NPR together on facebook


SplashCast recently launched the NPR Podcast Player which you can add to your facebook profile. If you’re not familiar with SplashCast, it’s a service that allows you to mix audio, video, music, photos, and more and create your own streaming media channel. It all comes together in their slick SplashCast Player.

The NPR Podcast Player allows you to listen to and share NPR podcast episodes, which are automatically updated, from your facebook profile. It’s pretty straight forward but I like to show you stuff I like 🙂 . Here’s my screencast tour of the NPR Podcast Player:

Flash Demo2m6s

3 Responses to “SplashCast and NPR together on facebook”

  1. OMG we love you Demo Girl! Such a treat to see this special SplashCast project as the subject of one of your screencasts! Thanks a bunch for the support – keep up the great work over here!

    Marshall Kirkpatrick
    Director of Content

  2. Thanks Marshall! Great job with SplashCast too!

  1. 1 splashcastmedia.com

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