Got meetings? Get TimeBridge!


A while back I was a food and beverage manager for a restaurant and every few months I’d schedule the dreaded staff meeting.  The servers and bartenders hated it, and so did I, but it had to be done.  It was typically and hour of me explaining that it’s not OK to talk on your cell phone while taking an order, that you shouldn’t tell your tables “sorry, I’m just really hung over”, and all of the ass slapping and other inappropriate behavior that goes on between restaurant staff should be done in the kitchen where no one can see.  What does this have to do with TimeBridge?  Well, it was a pain scheduling these meetings.  Most of the staff either had a second job or they were in college and didn’t have much free time.  I’d always end up with little pieces of paper in my mailbox from different employees explaining that they couldn’t make it to the meeting at my proposed time.  This is where TimeBridge comes in.

TimeBridge makes it easy to schedule meetings that all of your employees can attend.  You simply enter in the email addresses of your staff, choose up to five dates and times that you’re available, and you’re done.  Your employees don’t need to do anything except respond to the email by checking off their availability on each day and press send.  They don’t need to sign up for anything and TimeBridge will figure out the best time for everyone.  I know there are other scheduling applications out there, but so far this is my favorite.  Here’s my screencast tour of TimeBridge:

Flash Demo3m24s

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