Get recommendations from strangers with fooWHO


FooWHO is a site that wants to find cool stuff for you and let you share the cool stuff you find with the fooWHO community.  What sort of cool stuff you ask?  Well, it could be just about anything you want.  A cool blog (*cough*), a neato video, a sweet gadget, or even your favorite neighborhood bar.  When you sign up fooWHO will ask you questions about movies, technology, sports, etc.  This info is used to find recommendations for you.  Submitting your own recommendation is a breeze and users can vote your submissions up or down which can result in you gaining or loosing points on the site.

All in all fooWHO was a fun site to browse around but it did leave me confused at times and I couldn’t find a help or FAQ’s page anywhere.  They are in beta so maybe that’s coming.  Here’s my screencast tour of fooWHO:

Flash Demo3m20s

(source:  Mashable)

One Response to “Get recommendations from strangers with fooWHO”

  1. Hey Demo Girl,

    Thanks for reviewing our site.
    As you wrote, we are still in beta stage so we are glad to hear feedback from our users.

    As for what you wrote about the help page, We will take that into consideration.
    (Heres our current help page –

    Oren Raviv

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