Forget news – gleamd gets YOU (or me) voted to the top


Gleamd is a site that helps you find and write about interesting people on the Web. You can browse through categories of people, view people in the “spotlight”, and view popular people. By people, I mean biographies that have been added by the gleamd community. You can add someone’s bio easily and if they come across it, they can claim it. Getting featured in the “spotlight” or as a “popular” person just means you need to get voted up. Voting works like Digg, meaning the more you get voted on the higher you move up. Unlike other social bookmarking sites, you can add people as favorites and if they’ve claimed their identity you can follow them. Following them consists of their activity feed being added to your activity feed in your profile. You’re not supposed to add your own bio to the site but you can sign up and create a profile, so I’m not sure what the difference is. Here’s my screencast tour of gleamd:

Flash Demo3m

3 Responses to “Forget news – gleamd gets YOU (or me) voted to the top”

  1. I like the concept. Digg for People. Normally I go to Wikipedia if I am looking for specific info on a person, but I like how I can learn about new upcomers with the ‘popular this week function’.

    These demos are great. Keep up the good work

  2. I love it. It’s developed well and it’s vary intuitive to use. The sign-up process took all of 30 seconds to complete. Thanks again for another wonderful start-up introduction.

  3. I gleamd you Molly.

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