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FlauntR is a free online photo editor that allows you to edit your photos and add effects to them with just one click of your mouse. You can grab photos from your computer or your flickr account and then immediately start adding lighting effects, frames, overlays, you name it. When you’re all through, you can […]

Podcasting – “yes I’ve heard of that”. Screencasting – “well, it’s a bit newer, but I know all about it”. Sketchcasting – “wtf is that”? Those were my thoughts last month when I came across this site. I noted it in my post here as well. Well, now we don’t have to wonder because it […]

You’re reading this blog right now so that means that you probably read a few more. Well, when I’m not finding content to feature on DemoGirl I like to read quite a few blogs as well. Some I read more than others and some are for fun while some help me learn new things for […]

Hey! Nielsen is a new opinion/social networking /rating community created by The Nielsen Company.  It’s taking community members opinions and ratings of TV, movies, music, personalities, and Internet and combining them with data from their sister sites –,, and – to gather the Hey! Nielsen score.  The Hey! Nielsen score gives users […]

Google has launched (sort of) a new social bookmarking tool – Google Shared Stuff.  Basically, it’s a bookmarklet that allows you to quickly share web pages that you find interesting on your Shared Stuff page.  Your page includes a profile where you can add a photo, personal information, and links to your own blogs or […]

TryThis is a recommendation site that helps you find pretty much anything you can think of with the help of the TryThis community. After you sign up, you can add things you like to your profile. It can be anything from movies to electronics. Other members can see this in your profile and leave you […]

Only2clicks claims that your Mom will love it because it’s so simple to use.  Well, I suppose it depends who your Mom is, but I have to agree about the simplicity.  Only2clicks is a start page that lets you organize all of your favorite websites in one place.  It really does only take 2 clicks […]

Y! Mash is a new social networking site from Yahoo!  With Mash, you can make profiles for your friends to help them get started, allow other people to edit and add things to your profile, and customize your profile with modules from the module gallery.  Editing your profile is really easy and you’re in complete […]

Bluestring gives you a really easy way to store your media, create slideshows, and share your works of art with friends and family.  You can create “shows” with your photos, videos, and music and then allow the people you share it with to add their own media as well.  Of course, you can keep it […]

I was sitting here earlier today, doing what I do, and I remembered something a friend of mine said to me the other day. “I Googled your name and you belong to like every social networking site out there”! Yes, this is true but it’s my job to sign up, see what it’s all about, […]