Get ideas for your next vacation with TripCart


TripCart is a travel guide that can help you find things to do on your next vacation.  After selecting your desired destination, you’ll be brought to a guide for your location.  Here, you’ll find a map where you can quickly find hotels, beaches, hiking trails, etc.  You can add all of the activities and locations to your trip and even browse through other members trips and copy them.  Each of your trips has its own itinerary where you can add dates and notes.  Your itinerary can be easily printed and shared with friends and family via email.  Here’s my screencast tour of TripCart:

Flash Demo3m41s

One Response to “Get ideas for your next vacation with TripCart”

  1. Thanks Demo Girl –

    I am the CEO of TripCart and the video really impressed me. Thanks so much for the writeup and glad to see that you are a believer in our concept.


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