It’s Friday night – Do you know what Social Networking site you’re logged onto?


I was sitting here earlier today, doing what I do, and I remembered something a friend of mine said to me the other day. “I Googled your name and you belong to like every social networking site out there”! Yes, this is true but it’s my job to sign up, see what it’s all about, and probably never return. (No offense, but I too only have 24 hours in my day.) Anyways, I got to thinking about all the sites I still use and all the ones I’d long since forgotten and I thought I’d do a refresher course. Then I thought I’d share these lovely SN sites with you. Of course, these are not all of the SN sites out there but there are only so many logos I can download before I start to loose my mind. If I missed a big one (which I’m sure I did) then just let me know nicely 🙂 in the comments. Here’s my slideshow presentation of Social Networking gone wild:

Flash Demo2m39s

(I used clip2net to grab all the logos)

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