A look at the features of Y! Mash


Y! Mash is a new social networking site from Yahoo!  With Mash, you can make profiles for your friends to help them get started, allow other people to edit and add things to your profile, and customize your profile with modules from the module gallery.  Editing your profile is really easy and you’re in complete control of who can view and edit your profile.  You need an invite to get in right now so if you want one, let me know in the comments.  Here’s my screencast tour of Y! Mash:

Flash Demo4m4s

6 Responses to “A look at the features of Y! Mash”

  1. Great demo of Y! Mash.

    I think Y! mash has some good features and the ability for friends to edit stuff is great. Unfortunately I don’t see myself using it that much. Right now their are to many social networks to keep track of. I have a hard enough time getting local friends to convert from myspace to facebook.

  2. I definitely think Yahoo! did a smart thing by allowing your friends to edit your Mash profile. It makes it a bit more fun and interesting to use. You’re right though, almost all of my friends are stuck on either MySpace or facebook and could care less about joining another social networking site. People may be more inclined to use it though, because it is Yahoo! and you can access it with your Yahoo! ID. I guess only time will tell.

  3. 3 Tony

    Wonderful demo of Y! Mash. It was very helpful in “getting started”. It will be very interesting to see how Y! Mash does in the coming months. It will be interesting to see what they do with Y!360 (run it in parallel, drop it (some folks may not be happy) or somehow incorporate it). I noticed there is an rss feed to it. Anyway, I think it is pretty cool and I look forward to any future enhancements. Please keep up your great work!!!

  4. 4 Michele

    i would like an invite to see what this is all about

  5. 5 Tony

    Hi Michele,

    I’m not sure if you got an invite but here is a link to check out information from the Y!Mash team at http://blog.mash.yahoo.com/

    If you know someone who is using Y!mash give them your email address and they can invite or set up a profile for you. Y!Mash is in beta and by invitation only at this point (marketing approach, whatever)

    Since I didn’t know anyone who had a profile already set up, I just went to this site and created a temp account through inviteshare (entered my email address and was placed on a wait list and a very nice person setup a profile for me (it didn’t take very long). You will get an email from the person who created your profile, click on the link & off you go!


    I hope this helps

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