Something for Mom – only2clicks


Only2clicks claims that your Mom will love it because it’s so simple to use.  Well, I suppose it depends who your Mom is, but I have to agree about the simplicity.  Only2clicks is a start page that lets you organize all of your favorite websites in one place.  It really does only take 2 clicks to add a site and you can create multiple tabs so you can keep all of your search engines in one place and all of your online gambling sites in another 😉 .  Here’s my screencast tour of only2clicks:

Flash Demo2m10s

[source:  Webware]

2 Responses to “Something for Mom – only2clicks”

  1. 1 arie

    kewl info 😀

  2. Only2clicks is a great service but with the other services having advanced features they need to work on the application

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