Google’s strange new social bookmarking tool – Google Shared Stuff


Google has launched (sort of) a new social bookmarking tool – Google Shared Stuff.  Basically, it’s a bookmarklet that allows you to quickly share web pages that you find interesting on your Shared Stuff page.  Your page includes a profile where you can add a photo, personal information, and links to your own blogs or websites.  You can share just the link or a preview, which is just an image from the web page and the title of the post.  Your Shared Stuff page is public but it’s not really clear how people are able to find your page unless you email them a link to view it.  For more insight, check out Marshall’s review of Google Shared Stuff here.  Here’s my screencast tour of Google Shared Stuff:

Flash Demo2m28s

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  1. 1 kittykat

    hello im wondering if i should get the auto social submitter have you guys used it? i found a review on youtube about the social bookmarking tool has anyone purchased the submission software and used it yet? thanks great site

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