Hey! Nielsen uses social networking to get more accurate ratings…hmmm


Hey! Nielsen is a new opinion/social networking /rating community created by The Nielsen Company.  It’s taking community members opinions and ratings of TV, movies, music, personalities, and Internet and combining them with data from their sister sites – Billboard.com, HollywoodReporter.com, and BlogPulse.com – to gather the Hey! Nielsen score.  The Hey! Nielsen score gives users and important media mogul types an idea of what people are saying about what’s on TV, in the movies, etc.  Could this influence the powers that be to make 5 more seasons of Lost?    Who knows, but it’s still an interesting concept of how to use social networking to gather data.  Here’s my screencast tour of Hey! Nielsen:

Flash Demo3m18s

5 Responses to “Hey! Nielsen uses social networking to get more accurate ratings…hmmm”

  1. Hi Demo Girl,
    This sites looks pretty cool. Can you send and invite as it is currently closed right now for staff and invite users only.

  2. Roy, I believe they’re going to be in public beta on Sept. 24th. Sorry, I don’t have any invites!

  3. Ok thanks, i guess i will just have to wait. 🙂

  4. 4 jen geissel

    Hi Demo Girl! I work on Hey! Nielsen and the team loves your demo so much that we are posting it to our site! We keep laughing because we were going to do something ourselves, but your demo is so much better! 🙂

    Roy, we are live today so we really hope you check us out!

  5. Thanks Jen, I’m glad you liked it!

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