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Podcasting – “yes I’ve heard of that”. Screencasting – “well, it’s a bit newer, but I know all about it”. Sketchcasting – “wtf is that”? Those were my thoughts last month when I came across this site. I noted it in my post here as well. Well, now we don’t have to wonder because it seems that today sketchcasting has really started to build a name for itself and is a place where you can start making your very own sketchcasts. By definition, a sketchcast “is a new way to communicate something online by recording a sketch, optionally with your voice speaking”. allows you to do just that. After you’ve recorded your sketchcast, you can embed it on your blog or website, email it to friends, and other people can view and rate your sketchcasts on your very own sketchcast channel. You can use sketchcasts for a variety of reasons – creating a tutorial, demonstrating how to draw an image, or for plain old fun. Here’s my screencast tour of Sketchcast:

Flash Demo3m50s

Alan also posted a video review of Sketchcast here.

3 Responses to “ – Addictive and useful”

  1. “Pretty!” Ha… I guess I missed the previous post where you mentioned sketchcasting, but I enjoyed the screencast.

  2. Glad you liked it Joe! Have you made a sketchcast yet?

  3. hey, how do you embed a sketrchcast??

    I am not able to do.

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