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Y! Mash is a new social networking site from Yahoo!  With Mash, you can make profiles for your friends to help them get started, allow other people to edit and add things to your profile, and customize your profile with modules from the module gallery.  Editing your profile is really easy and you’re in complete […]

Bluestring gives you a really easy way to store your media, create slideshows, and share your works of art with friends and family.  You can create “shows” with your photos, videos, and music and then allow the people you share it with to add their own media as well.  Of course, you can keep it […]

I was sitting here earlier today, doing what I do, and I remembered something a friend of mine said to me the other day. “I Googled your name and you belong to like every social networking site out there”! Yes, this is true but it’s my job to sign up, see what it’s all about, […]

NPR Desktop Alerts keeps you updated on all your favorite NPR content as well as your own favorite RSS feeds.  You have to download it and then you can customize how you want to be alerted.  You have the option of receiving alerts through a pop-up, a ticker that runs across your computer screen, or […]

oSkope allows you to search for items on eBay, Amazon, flickr, and YouTube and gives you a pretty sweet visual result.  The results can be viewed on a graph, as a list, in a pile in the center of your screen, or lined up in rows.  You can drag and drop the images anywhere on […]

Listphile, quite simply, is a place to make collaborative lists. These don’t have to be simple lists though. You can add maps, video, and images and completely customize the layout. Anyone can add to your lists and subscribe to them via RSS. There’s a great directory already with lists like “Yoda quotes with video” and […]

MapSkip gives you a place to share stories and photos from places you’ve been.  You can also browse the map and read stories that other members have left and add your own if you’ve experienced something in the same location.  Members can comment on and rate stories and photos which is used to rank them […]