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Hopefully by now you’ve heard about the great online photo editing tool, Picnik.  If not, go check it out now.  Well, they’ve added a couple of new tools to make you look just right in your photos.  Zombify and Bloodstains.  Yes!  You can turn yourself into a zombie complete with a bloodstained mouth.  Since it’s […]

GetItNext wants to help you find the actual items your looking for when shopping on eBay.  Usually when you search for something on eBay, such as an iPod, you’re bombarded with items like iPod accessories or other useless items that just get in the way.  When you do a search for an iPod on GetItNext, […]

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own website, but feel it’s too difficult a task, Jimdo may be just what you’re looking for.  Jimdo gives you the tools to create a custom website, and it’s as easy as clicking anywhere on your page and adding text.  That’s not all though.  You can add YouTube […]

YourStreet gives you a way to see exactly what’s going on in your neighborhood – “down to the street level”.  After you choose your location, you’re presented with an interactive map that displays news stories, conversations, and people.  You can see news that happened down the street from you, participate in conversations with people who […]

Going to a job interview can be a scary thing.  I can also say, as someone that used to have to give job interviews, asking the questions can be nerve racking as well.  Well, InterviewUp wants to help out both parties involved in the interviewing process.  Potential employees can find and ask questions that are […]

Jango is a “Social Internet Radio” service that allows you to create custom radio stations filled with only the music you want to hear. You begin by choosing an artist that you like. That will create your station. From there, Jango will recommend related artists to you and you can add them to your player. […]

Whrrl is a new online community where you can find and share fun and interesting things to do in your neighborhood.  You can invite your friends or connect with new people in the Whrrl community.  Every location that has been touched on the Whrrl map will have a marker showing you how it ranks.  For […]