Mixaloo is bringing mixtapes back! Well, sort of…


Mixaloo gives you a way to create digital mixtapes that you can share with your friends on your blog or favorite social networking site.  Of course, there is one small catch – in order to listen to more than 30 seconds of a song your friends have to purchase your mix.  Mixaloo says it will split the cash with you though, and you’ll earn points that you can use to get Mixaloo merchandise.  You can choose from over 3 million songs and add your own custom album cover and title.  The songs can be arranged in any order that you like and can be easily embedded right from Mixaloo.  They’re in private beta right now and there isn’t much information on the site, that I could find, about how you get your cash or merchandise but Mark from TechCrunch has written a great article explaining a bit more here.  Here’s my screencast tour of Mixaloo:

Flash Demo3m42s

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