UpNext – The next best thing to actually getting up and walking around your neighborhood


UpNext is a really cool service that lets you see what’s happening in your neighborhood, and surrounding neighborhoods, on a 3D map.  You can easily find restaurants, businesses, and events and see exactly where they are.  If you’re wondering what’s in the big building down the street from you, theoretically you could just go to UpNext and click on the building and get the details instantly.  Besides information, there are reviews, pictures, and an UpNext community so you can keep up with what your friends are doing.  For more insight and to read an interview with the CEO, read Allen’s post here.  Sadly, for most of us, UpNext is only available for Manhattan right now, but you can still check it out – and I recommend that you do.  I hope San Francisco is next on their list of cities to cover!  Here’s my screencast tour of UpNext:

Flash Demo4m40s

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