Yoink! I’ll take that media, thank you very much!


Yoink’d is a mediabox that allows you to take or “yoink” your favorite media from around the Web and share it with your friends.  You can create different playlists for all of the different media you want to store in your mediabox.  I made a playlist for rock music, an 80’s mix, and one for cute animal videos.  Every time you “yoink” something it shows up in real-time and anyone else on yoink’d.com can yoink what you’ve just yoink’d.   (It’s really not as confusing as it sounds.)  You can share your mediabox with your friends and yoink back and forth to your hearts content.  I got a bit nostalgic when I first saw the name “yoink’d” as I have not-so-fond memories, as a child, of my brothers always grabbing something I had in my hands and saying, “yoink!”.  Here’s my screencast tour of yoink’d:

Flash Demo3m25s

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